Datto SaaS Protection Email Notifications Setup

In order to get Backup Radar to successfully monitor your Datto SaaS Protection / Backupify notifications you will need to login to the Datto Partner Portal to direct the email notifications to your Backup Radar mailbox. 

Please note:

Depending on your Datto SaaS Backup configuration, your report may contain individual users and their O365 products or you may see an overview of the company's O365 products.

In the Datto Partner Portal, click the Status tab, then select SaaS Protection Status from the drop-down menu.

From here, select the Backups tab at the top of the page, then click Reporting.



In the next Dialog box you will need to enter your Backup Radar email address to get the backups to show up for activation in Backup Radar. 



Further setup information can be found in Datto's Knowledge Base: 


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