Result Differences between Legacy UI and New UI

As we progress through the public beta period for the New UI, it is important for us to keep our partners informed on the improvements that are being made.


A common question that has been raised during the public beta has been, "Why am I seeing differences between my results in the Legacy and New UI?" 


The new UI contains a number of improvements to help our partners better understand the status of their backups. One such improvement is the "pending" status.

This provides better visibility into backups which have not received a result but are within their user defined "No Result Threshold". This new status provides a better gauge for actionable statuses and delays non-critical issues while still being aware that expected results are missing.  The difference that now exists between the New UI and the Legacy UI is shown below.

Legacy UI:


New UI:



These current (and future) improvements will only apply to the new UI. Therefore, a direct comparison between the two UIs is not possible as a number of differences exist between the two. 


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