Commvault Data Aging - Email Notification Setup

Backup Radar monitors the Commvault Data Aging backup job via email notifications. In this article we detail, the process of getting your email notifications to send to your 

In order to set up the notifications for Commvault Data Aging, navigate to the "Reports" tab in your Commvault instance.



In here you will need to open the Alerts menu and enable the "Data Aging Completed Successfully" alert. You will then need to select Edit while this alert is selected. 


In this window you will need to modify a number of items to ensure the notifications can be read by our parser. 

You will need to ensure the report body shown in the below text box is set to the default message by selecting the "Use default message" button. Please ensure "Select [Email] for notification" and "HTML" are selected.


Next you will need to add a "backupradar" user with your mailbox set as their email address. 




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