Merge Backup

Sometimes a new backup can be created for a job that was already being monitored. With the Merge Backup function you can now combine those records together to maintain the history with the new record.


Step 1: Activate the new backup with the correct settings.


Step 2: Filter your Audit page for the backups that need to be merged. Begin by selecting the backup(s) that need to be merged. Leave the backup that will be the main backup unchecked. Once those are selected click on the Merge Backup button at the top of the table.



Step 3: Once the Merge Backup button is selected it will be replaced by an "x" to cancel the merge and a smaller, colour inverted "merge" option to complete the action. Now select the other backup by ticking the corresponding box to the left and select merge.



Step 4: You will be presented with a pop-up displaying the details of your selections. Review the backups, and if all looks correct click on the Merge button to begin the process. Merge3.png


You will see a green success message alerting you that merging policies has begun and may take a few minutes. Once it is complete you may fresh your Audit page, and will see the result of your work.


*Merging is permanent and cannot be undone.


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