Kaseya BMS Setup

This article will walk you through connecting Kaseya BMS with Backup Radar.


1. Create an Internal role type permissions group called Backup Radar and assign these permissions:

(Only showing the needed permissions below)

Section View Modify
My Tickets Yes Yes
Ticket Yes Yes
My Tickets Yes Yes
Tickets Yes Yes
Batch Tickets Yes Yes
Assets Management Yes No
Accounts Yes No
Contacts Yes No
Sites Yes No
Products Yes No
Special Features (Has API Access) Yes  


2. Create a User within Kaseya and assign it to the permission role created in step one

3. Within Backup Radar, navigate to the Main menu > Integration > PSA Integration

4. Enable the Ticketing Source, if it is not already enabled, and choose Kaseya BMS from the CRM Type dropdown

5. Enter in the relevant information for the user that will be used with the integration 

(It is recommended you create a user specifically for this API with Backup Radar to minimize the risk of disconnection due to a password or internal role change)



(1) Company Name is your Kaseya BMS company identifier 

(2 & 3) Enter the credentials for the user

(4) Copy your server address up to the .com and paste in the Server Address field. 


6. Click Update to save

Once your Kaseya is connected you will need to create Ticketing Defaults and Automatic Ticketing Settings Profiles to start getting tickets generated.


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