Creating and Assigning a New Schedule

Creating a New Schedule

On the left side navigation bar find Manage > Schedules and then click on Create Schedule



Give the Schedule a Name and a Description (both is needed in order to save), choose the Days of the Week / Months / Days of Month or Every 'x' Days as needed. Blank fields assume all possible options in that field are selected. This can also be done by clicking on the checkbox on the right of each field.

One exception to this is the "Months" field. This cannot be left blank, and must either contain the months in your specific schedule or all months.

The schedule of the policy should match the days the related backup job runs. In most cases, back ups are scheduled on a daily or weekly basis. However, some backups are defined to occur only on specific dates. Below you'll find an example of such a schedule.


Every third Friday of the month

The third Friday of a month can only fall within the date range between the 15th and 21st, inclusive, of a month. The settings below would capture all occurrences of the third Friday of the month in a year.



Once saved, your new schedule will be available on the schedule list with the default options.


Assigning a Schedule

Edit the backup job you would like to change.

In the schedule field remove the currently assigned schedule by clicking the "x".



Select your new schedule from the available schedules drop down.



Select the Calendar Icon under First Date and then choose when the backups first started coming through. It could be 1 week or several months ago so you don't lose your history. Then click Save. Then submit the changes and the schedule will be adjusted.

NOTE: DO NOT SELECT A LAST DATE, unless you know when it will be retired from your system.Schedule5.png



Once you click save you will see the new schedule on the left side.


*The same applies to editing the backups in bulk except you will not have a schedule option showing that you have to remove. The system will overwrite the backups you selected with the schedule you choose. 

**In Templates you will not have the ability to modify the first date.


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