Creating and Assigning a New Schedule

This is meant to be a sample article to show you how to create schedule and assign it to already activated policies.

Creating a New  Schedule

Go to the Main Navigation > Manage > Schedules and then click on Create Schedule. 



Give the Schedule a Name and a Description (both is needed in order to save).

Then choose the days of the week (in this case Saturday & Sunday).

Click the box next to the right of the Months (this will add all the months in for you).

NOTE: You must select all months in order for a schedule to work.



Once you save your new schedule you should see it listed in the schedule screen.


Assigning a Schedule

Edit the policy you would like to change.

In the schedule field remove the currently assigned schedule from the left side.


Select your new schedule from the available schedules drop down.

Once selected click Add New Schedule.


Select the Calendar Icon under First Date and then choose when the backups first started coming through. It could be 1 week or several months ago so you don't lose your history. Then click Save. Then submit the changes and the schedule will be adjusted.

NOTE: DO NOT SELECT A LAST DATE, unless you know when it will be retired from your system.mceclip2.png

Once you click save you will see the new schedule on the left side.

Whatever is listed in the available schedules dropdown is a default and is not applied to the policy.


The same applies to editing the backups in bulk but you will not have a schedule option showing that you have to remove. The system will overwrite the backups you selected with the schedule you choose. 


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