Setup SyncroMSP Rest API Integration

  1. Login to SyncroMSP
  2. Click your company name, and select Profile/PasswordScreen_Shot_2020-04-27_at_10.26.38_AM.png
  3. Copy the API Key
  4. Click on Integration, PSA Integration and Select the SyncroMSP from CRM Type drop downScreen_Shot_2020-04-27_at_2.38.41_PM.png
  5. Click Update.
  6. You can now click on the Create button in the ticketing defaults section. This is where you will tell Backup Radar which Board to create tickets on, the new status, closed status, category etc. Screen_Shot_2020-04-27_at_2.52.24_PM.png

Additional Info on the options:

Default Company - This is only used in the event one of your backups does not have a Ticketing Company set it will default to the company here. We recommend you set this to your own company.

Don't Update Ticket in Status - This is useful if you have a workflow that someone checks all backup tickets before they can be permanently closed. In many cases these tickets may sit for a day or two so we can treat this is a closed status so that should the issue recur during this time period we would open a new ticket so you know it is still having an issue.  


Automatic Ticketing Profiles: 

Once you setup your Ticketing Defaults and you are ready to begin using Automatic Ticketing you can now setup your Automatic Ticketing Profile(s). Please note that if you choose to use a Group by option in the Automatic Ticketing profile and use the "Alert On Failure" option on a backup policy level it is best to choose the same grouping on each otherwise you will end up with ticket duplication if different grouping types are chosen.


Alert on Failure: 

This option when activating or changing settings on a backup is very powerful. Please make sure you read the article below before utilizing it.


Other Helpful Ticketing Articles:


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