Acronis Cyber Cloud

Step 1: From the root organization, create a new user



Step 2: Fill out with your Backup Radar email address, leave the user as an Administrator, and create



Step 3: Log in to your Backup Radar mailbox, and activate the account. You will choose a password after clicking the activation link

It's best to open the link in incognito / private mode so you do not log yourself out of the account you started the setup with.

Note: The activation link can take up to 20 minutes to arrive to the inbox. If you do not know your mailbox password, please email support and we can reset it for you.


Step 4: Enable the email notifications. Edit the created user and under settings, enable the three shown below



That's it! As backups complete emails should arrive to the inbox from Acronis. All new policies will be on your Manage -> Activate Policies page within 20 minutes of the email's arrival to the inbox.



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