Solarwinds RMM Setup

  1. Log in to your Solarwinds RMM dashboard.
  2. Make sure the user that is logged in has Superuser permissons. (Settings -> Users -> User Accounts)
  3. Open the General Settings window from the menu bar under Settings -> General Settings2019-10-21_11h07_09.png
  4. Under the API section, copy your API key, or generate one if you do not have one created.2019-10-21_11h09_01.png
  5. From the menu inside of Backup Radar, navigate to Integration -> RMM Integration, and configure a new source.2019-10-21_11h10_26.png
    1. Name your Profile
    2. Select Solarwinds RMM
    3. Paste your API key
    4. Select your region from the dropdown
    5. Click Update

If your credentials were valid, you should receive a success message. Your policies will appear for activation on the Manage -> Activate Policies screeen after our initial sync of data. This can take up to one hour.


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