How to Troubleshoot New Emailed Policies


If a new policy is not showing up under your "Activate Policies" list, there may be several reasons why. Here's how to find out which.

1. Make sure the policy has not already been activated by searching in your Audit page, your Retired Policies list, and your Edit Policies list. It's also possible if the device name, job name, and policy method match an existing policy, results may have parsed into the matching policy.

2. Find the email for that policy in your Backup Radar mailbox to verify that it did send. If you cannot find it, check your backup product and make sure you have notifications configured to send those emails to your Backup Radar mailbox's domain(additional support documentation for Email Notifications are here depending on your backup product). If notifications are correctly configured, and you can confirm the email was sent but was not received, email so we can investigate.

3. Verify that it's a backup product we support. If you have other policies with the same backup product that are successfully activated, make sure they have the same email format. If you do not have other policies with this backup product, or none of them are activating, please email for us to confirm whether we support that backup product and, if necessary, write new logic.

4. Navigate to your "On Demand" reports under "Reporting" in the Navigation tab:

Click on "Backup Parsing Report" and then "Generate with Defaults."

You will see a list of any emails sent to your backup radar mailbox that are not being parsed successfully. Try to search for the subject of the emailed policy you're looking for here. If it is present, then the problem may either be that it's not a supported backup product (we can write new logic), the product's email is in a format we do not recognize (we can adjust our logic), or it is a flaw on our end regarding the parser in question (we can correct our logic). If you find the policy you're trying to activate here, contact with relevant screenshots so we can investigate.


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