How to Use Auto Activation

Auto Activation has the ability to Automatically activate a backup if an existing backup is already activated with the same job name. 


For example below we have some backups activated with the same job name. If another unique device/email comes through with the same job name Backup Radar can automatically activate the backup using the same settings it finds in jobs already activated with the same backup name. 


CAUTION: If you have the same job name across multiple clients this would not be a good setting to turn on as it could randomly activate a backup under the wrong client due to the duplicated job names. 


If you are expecting a large amount of new policies to activate and do not wish to manually review them, you can create a profile in Backup Radar to activate those policies for you. You would first click on "Auto Activate Policies" in the Navigation tab.


Then you would click on "Configure New Auto Activation" to create a new profile. You can have multiple profiles depending on exactly how you need to sort your auto activation policies.




Configuring New Auto Activation:

Once you've clicked on "Configure New Auto Activation" you will reach a page that looks similar to the page you find upon activating/editing a single policy:

Policy Type: Generally you will want to select Backup as the type.

Email: You can use email formats like or and the system will choose the activation profile based on the email info you provide. This is not a required field. You can optionally choose to type in just a job name instead of the email. 

Job Name: The job name field will match whatever is put in here and activate the backup based on the settings you provide below it. 

Company and Device Type fields are required. All other fields are optional. 


For further information on how to configure more advanced auto activation, see for more details.



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