Company Access Groups

Instead of having to manually select companies for each user you can now create an access list and apply those lists to users. This makes on-boarding new users for Backup Radar easy. If you do not create an access list the system will default to give access to every company in the system. 


Before you create an access access group you should know if you do not select any companies and create an access group the system will grant access to all companies. If you want the system to always add in any new companies it is best to have no companies selected in your access group.

Once you click "Add All" it adds all the companies at that point in time. If you ever sync up a new company or create a new one you will need to come back and add it into the access group before it will be visible to the users of that access group. This also applies to any companies synced from PSA Integrations.


To create a company access group click on Security -> Access Groups -> Create Access Group.



Name the Group and Select the companies you want to sync up.


Click Save Changes 


Under 'Users' in the Security Tab, this access group is now available to select for any user.




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