Users, Groups, and Permissions

User Management

A subscription to Backup Radar empowers your entire NOC to access all the tools available in Backup Radar. User access control can be managed at:

Here, (depending on the access permissions,) an administrator can:

  • create a user
  • delete a user
  • force a user to reset their password
  • force a user to enable two factor authentication
  • delete a user

With a growing user base, users can also be assign to specific groups for management. Defined access and visibility permissions can be assigned to each group as detailed in the next section.

An administration can also edit the details of a specific user. Here a user can be:

  • reassigned a new password
  • be enabled or disabled
  • assigned to a group
  • be granted visibility of specific tenanted companies

Group Management

Groups can be defined and deleted here.

Editing a group will enable you to define the members of the group. The group can then be given specific permissions and detailed in the next section.


Accessible and managed at the address below:

A list of groups can be found. Each one will have a separate list of permissions that can be defined.  Permissions have the following options available for definition.

  • Undefined: This is the default option. Limitations will not be defined here. Groups have access to access relevant content.
  • Allowed: This gives the group permission access to the described option. Some options relate to read only access and some give access to writing.
  • Denied: This removes the group permission access to the described option.
  • Grant: This allows the group to configure this option for other groups when viewing the Permissions menu.


Read Only Access

To grant a Group read only access to Backup Radar, one would have to go through the list of permission options and deny all options that can allow for one to Create, Update, Change, and Delete. Read-only access such as Get and be allowed.

Customer View

Some MSPs would like to allow their tenants into their Backup Radar portal to monitor their respective backups. This can be done by creating a group specifically for this tenant's customer and assigning it Read Only Access. Then in the Users menu, the user can be edited to access information pertaining to only a specific tenant customer.

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