Policy Scheduling

The schedule of a Backup Radar policy is a crucial component of the policy. It lets Backup Radar know when backups are expected for a backup job and helps Backup Radar define when a backup can be missed.

Scheduling is fully customizable and can be defined based on each job's unique schedule. This can be done in the Schedule List menu along with schedule management as shown in the diagram below:

The customizable parameters are shown below:

Blank fields assume all possible options in that field are selected. This can also be done by clicking on the checkbox on the right of each field.

One exception to this is the "Months" field. This cannot be left blank, and must either contain the months in your specific schedule or all months.

The schedule of the policy should match the days the related backup job runs. In most cases, back ups are scheduled on a daily or weekly basis. However, some backups are defined to occur only on specific dates. This can all be defined in the Create Schedule Menu.

Below are examples of schedules that reoccur on less common intervals.

Every third Tuesday

This schedule should be defined to begin on a Tuesday in the properties of that policy.

Similar settings can be created for every other Monday or every fifth Friday by adjusting the Every 'x' days setting and adjusting when the policy begins.

Every third Friday of the month

The third Friday of a month can only fall withing the date range between the 15th and 21st, inclusive, of a month. The settings below would capture all occurrences of the third Friday of the month in a year.





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