IT Glue API Setup

To create an IT Glue Integration with Backup Radar you must first verify the Flexible Asset "Backup" are setup in IT Glue 

If it is not, you can import it in the Account section of IT Glue: 

These are the fields we update if they exist or we will create them if they don't exist in the Backup Flexible Asset. During the configuration you also have the option to Exclude any of these from being updated by Backup Radar.  


Then Generate a new IT Glue API Key by going to Account, then API Keys.  


Special Note before setting up IT Glue Integration in Backup Radar: 

In order for Backup Radar to link the configuration type to an existing config in IT Glue you have to utilize ConnectWise or Autotask Integration and select to Sync Managed Workstation or Managed Server for us to link them. We then check the ID against an active device and link the backup to that configuration automatically. 



At the bottom of the page you can select the Configuration Types to sync: 



Once you have the API Key, go to the menu > Integration > Other > Select IT Glue


Follow the steps as shown below: 

Setup the Configuration: 

Enable it,

Name the Profile,

Enter your API Key from IT Glue, region and date.

Turning on "Create Assets Without Configurations" will create the flexible asset in IT Glue even if there is no Workstation or Server configuration with the same name to link it with. 


Select any fields that you do not want the system to update. For example if you have schedules already setup on your Backup flexible asset you may not want Backup Radar to overwrite this information. 


Click save at the bottom.

It will take 30-60 minutes to sync up the data or longer depending on how much data you have and here is a screenshot below of the Backup data in IT Glue: 

If you have the Configuration Sync setup in Connect Wise or Autotask, below is a screenshot showing where we link the backup as a related item: 


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