Understanding Start of Business Setting

Start of Business

Start of Business Day is set to 0 by default. These are time settings so 0 represents 12am. Our 24 hour threshold is from 12am - 12am in this case. 


To understand start of business it is important to note that we store results based on when the backup job starts, not when the email is received. 

For example this Veeam job below started on Nov 15 at 8:35AM. So with a setting of 0 the backup will be placed on Nov 15th result set. If I change the start of business to 9 (9am) then this result would be pushed back a day to Nov 14th as the backup started before 9am. The start of business setting can never push a backup forward a day. 

Another common case is a backup that starts right after midnight: 

In the sample below this backup started on Nov 15 at 1am. If we use a backup setting of 0 then the result would be placed on Nov 15th backup set. If we use a setting of 2 (2am) then this backup would be pushed back into the prior day to Nov 14th. 



The start of business of 0 is the most common and correct setting in 99% of cases. The only cases where it may make sense to push a result back a day is if it starts after midnight and the backup finishes relatively quickly. Adjusting the start of business to 8 in those cases would make sense. 



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