Dashboard Setup

You can still utilize our older Legacy Dashboards and they can be found by clicking on Legacy Dashboard: 

The basics of the Legacy dashboard are that it had a Histogram and a Pie chart depending on whether you had the button turned on or off. This will be removed in an update in the coming months and replaced by the newer dashboards you have available now. 

Our new Dashboard system allows you to configure your own dashboards along with any filters needed. They can be found by clicking on Dashboard: 

Once you open the Dashboard page you can click on the Gear icon to Create, Rename or Remove a Dashboard. Create Tile will add a configurable tile to the dashboard that you can resize. 

You can create more than one Dashboard and select them from the Dashboard: 

To load a Dashboard into full screen mode you can click the Present Icon: 

When you click on Create Tile option you can then click on the plus sign to add in the parameters for the tile: 

You then have three types of Tiles you can utilize. Histogram is a chart that can show current week or quarter for example. The Pie Chart can show Today, Yesterday or (n) days ago. The Count is for things like # of Success/Fail/No Results for Today or Yesterday etc. 

You can utilize the filters to select and drill down to certain clients, device types etc. 


To edit an existing tile click on the edit button to the far left at the top: 


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