Policy Type - Backup vs Alert

Backup Radar can handle Alerts in addition to Backups. The main difference between an Alert and a Backup is an Alert comes in Randomly and not on a schedule like a normal backup. An example Alert is the Veeam consolidation alert shown below. We do have to write logic for alerts so if you have one you need monitored please submit a support request at and we will put it into our queue to complete.  


You will now see in the Activate screen that there is a "Policy Type" option so you can see the Alerts/Backups and filter based on them. 

You can manually activate the alerts or setup an auto-activation option to add them automatically. Using the Asterick you can tell the system any alerts should be activated for your company. You can always change the company name they belong to after they are activated. This ensures that all alerts are automatically activated so you don't miss any. 

Note: When Activating Backups in Bulk or Individually make sure you select the proper policy type as this will now be the first option on the activation screen. 


The other thing to note is that the logic for alerting is different from backups. If an alert comes through we will continue to show the warning or failure until you add a success status to it. This can be done using the "Add Result" option to clear the alert.

Select one or more backups and click the Add result button as shown below: 


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