Windows Server Backup Email Notifications Setup


This Windows Server Backup script has been tested on Windows 2008/R2 and 2012/R2 Servers. 

  1. Download this PowerShell Script
  2. Once you download the file, extract the contents to a folder named c:\Winback
  3. Edit the CreateTasks.ps1 and update the credentials for your server. This file can be removed once the setup is complete. Screen_Shot_2022-10-04_at_4.04.13_PM.png
  4. Edit the WinSuccess.ps1 and WinFailure.ps1 files and update the info noted below with your correct email address: 
  5. You will need to use your own SMTP server to send these email notifications to your Backup Radar email address.
  6. There is a job name field added next to the Backup Success or Backup Failure on the $Subject line. Please update this to the Company Name or Job Name you'd like to use for the backup. Screen_Shot_2022-10-04_at_3.43.45_PM.png
  7. Open Powershell with Run as Administrator permissions
  8. If you don't already allow scripts run the command Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted.
  9. Run Change directories to the c:\winback directory and run the command .\CreateTasks.ps1
  10. Once it succeeds test by running a backup job and it should send an email notification to your Backup Radar email address.




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