How to Bulk Activate Backup Policies

The two criteria to bulk activate is that the devices must be for the same company and must be the same device type. We will use the name under Device Name shown in the graphic below as the Device Name in the system for each device.

You can use the search and sort functions to narrow down exactly the set of backups you'd like to activate. Once you narrow down you can select them all by clicking the button to the left of Job name or you can select individual policies and click on Bulk Activate. 

Once you select the devices and click on Bulk Activate you will be prompted to enter additional information as shown below:

The mandatory fields are putting in the Device Company name, Device Type and Selecting the Backup type. We automatically apply a daily schedule for you and turn the policy on. 

Other optional settings you can adjust are: Tag, Note, Failure Threshold, Ticketing Company and Start of Business Day.

Once you choose all of your settings you can click submit changes it will activate all of the policies. 


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