Setup Autotask Integration

Step 1: Create an API user account in Autotask for the integration. Click on Admin -> Resources (Users) as shown below: 

Click on the arrow next to New, and select New API User



Fill in the required fields in the popup window. Click on Generate Key, and Generate Secret, and copy these values to the appropriate integration fields in Backup Radar. Select Backup Radar from the Integration Vendor dropdown. Select the Save & Close button at the top once you have everything set.


Step 2: Determine Autotask Server

Look at your address bar, and make note of the number after the ww* portion of the URL. This is your server number.


Step 3: Set up Integration

Open the main menu from the hamburger button in the top left of Backup Radar. Select Integration > PSA Integration. Enable the integration with the slider.


Step 4: Fill out all the fields according to the screenshot below. 

Select the region matching the number from Step 2, and input the credentials from Step 1. Once everything is set click the green Update button, and your integration settings will save.





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