Setup Autotask Integration

Step 1: Create an API user account in Autotask for the integration. Click on Admin -> Resources (Users) as shown below: 

Click on New as shown below: 


Create a user account with all of the required fields on the other tabs. On the Security Tab create the username and password. Then select the Security Level API User (System) and then select in the lower right corner Backup Radar as the integration vendor. 

Step 2: Review the list of URL's below and select the one for your location. 


Match the number from the ww* part of the URL you use to log in with Autotask to the webservices URL in the list below



Step 3: Click on the menu, click Integration and then CW / Autotask Integration 

Step 4: Fill out all the fields according to the screenshot below. 


Step 5: Once all the info is synced up in the system select the default company. We recommend making this your company in case any tickets get created by mistake they won't auto-email any customers.  

It can take 30-40 minutes to sync everything up. If this doesn't work please put in a support ticket to or create one at 



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