Dropsuite - API Integration (M365 only)

Navigate to your account settings to retrieve the necessary information. Here you'll find the API URL, Reseller Token and Authentication Token. You will need to use these during the integration setup in Backup Radar. 



Once you have selected the Dropsuite API option, create a profile name, input the Server Address (API URL), Reseller Token and Access Token (Authentication Token) you copied and save.



*At this time the integration only supports Microsoft 365 backups, as that is all that is provided via the Dropsuite API. Dropsuite is working on expanding this to Google, and once they do, we will also extend our support to Google backups.

If you have Google and Microsoft backups in Dropsuite, you will still need to use email notifications as they will be missing all of your Google backups. You cannot select email notifications only for Google backups, so configuring email and API is not advised. This might cause duplicate backups but, at a minimum, duplication of results.


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