Azure MARS (Flat File) Backup Alerting Email Notifications Setup

Azure Backup does not currently support emailing from the application or their portal of success results. Please follow the instructions below to setup the PowerShell files and tasks needed to monitor it. 

Step 1: 

Make sure you have Azure Backup installed and have backups scheduled to run. 


Step 2: 

Download the scripts from the link below, and place them in c:\scripts\backup on the local computer being backed up:


Download Backup Report Script


Step 3: Modify the AzureBackup.PS1 file to input company and email settings: 


Step 4: Open a Powershell command prompt as administrator

Step 5: Run the command: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Step 6: Change directories in Powershell to C:\Scripts\Backup and run .\ConfigureMARSBackupReport

Step 7: Once complete run a backup and verify you received a copy of the result to your Backup Radar mailbox. 



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