Automatic Ticketing Settings

To enable automatic ticketing settings go to the menu and select Ticketing -> Automatic Ticketing Settings. When this rules runs at the selected time, the system will check the backups and create the tickets automatically at that time. The rule in the example below will run at 8:00 AM Pacific Time. 



Below is a breakdown on all of the options: 

The summary of the ticket created will be automatically generated to include the server name, job name, status and date/time stamp. This is not a configurable option. 


Detail Description allows you to set the default description in the ticket that is created: 


Create tickets after 1 day for example will create a ticket automatically after 24 hours. If you set this 2 days the backup must fail for 2 days before the system will create the ticket. 


Select time zone the system should use when creating the tickets. 


Select time is the time you would like the system to create new tickets for you. 



The settings below are all filters and you can use them to narrow down what you'd like to have tickets created for in the system. For example you can see below that I only want tickets created for backups that are in failure status. If you do not select any, they will automatically select all. 



The Group Tickets by setting allows you to group tickets instead of having 1 ticket created for each backup failure. It can significantly cut down on the ticket noise. You can group by Company. Job Name or Device Name. 


Company - Will create 1 ticket per company for all statuses chosen such as no result, failure or whatever you selected. 

Job Name - Will create 1 ticket per Job Name. If you have 1 Job with 10 VMs, only one ticket for the Job will be created and it will list all statuses that meet your criteria you selected. 

Device Name - This will group by Device name so if you have more than 1 job associated with a device name it will only create the one ticket per device name.


Activate Automatic Closing will tell the system to close the ticket automatically once the device status goes back to successful. For group tickets by option all devices have to return to normal before we will auto close the ticket. 


Lastly, select the appropriate Ticketing Default.


Once you've chosen the options, toggle the Activate switch at the top on before clicking Save. 


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