Setup ConnectWise Rest API Integration

  1.  Login to ConnectWise 
  2. Click on System (Bottom Left) -> Members
  3. Click API Members tab then click the Plus sign:

  4. Give it a Member ID and fill out all required fields and then click the Save button. (GUI may have been updated).

  5. Set the ROle ID to Admin: 
  6. For Level set it to the highest level available such as Corporate and same for Name and Location. Business Unit should also be set to the highest level. 
  7. Then click API keys once you save it and create an API Key by giving it a description and clicking Save.

  8. You then get presented with the Public and Private Keys needed:

  9. Select the ConnectWise REST API from CRM Type drop down: 
  10. Input the info into Backup Radar portal: 


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